Our CEO’s strong IT background in the group health arena and a corporate belief that technology must drive execution inspired Tower to develop an extremely sophisticated technology — the Tower MSP Automation Suite — to manage every aspect of our proactive business processes. The suite consolidates our more than 50 years of compliance expertise into the latest, proven technologies.

The Tower MSP Automation Suite was designed with fault tolerance, geographic and hardware redundancy, backup, disaster recovery, and data security at each layer. Our infrastructure is built upon .NET, MSSQL with a proprietary business process management engine. Our easy-to-use portal was developed with HTML 5 and Boot Strap. In addition, the code base, which utilizes .C# NET 4.5 and Microsoft’s Workflow components coupled with a proprietary business rule/escalation engine, allows for integration with both modern APIs and legacy systems.

Data is secured in a SQL Server 2012 database. Microsoft Web Methods and Web Services provide common functions throughout the Tower MSA Automation Suite and facilitate integrations with third-party systems. Built upon the Bootstrap framework, our intuitive user interface gives the best possible user experience. The interface helps reduce errors and ensures that business rules are followed through strong data validation at all levels and visual queues pushed via AJAX when escalations or business rules are triggered.

True business process management is achieved when our clients’ business rules are modeled into the system alongside our internal business rules. This flexibility allows us to quickly and accurately meet the needs of our clients.

Data is able to flow into or out of the Tower MSP Automation Suite utilizing a number of technologies ranging from the most basic flat, csv, txt, tab, fixed width, or delimited files to more complex APIs based on XML, SOAP, JSON, EDI, HEW 207/271, or proprietary formats. We support secure communications via SFTP, SSH, point-to-point tunnels, and HTTPS.

Our proprietary operating system enables:

  • Business rules to be embedded into software
  • Storage and management of all case/settlement data points
  • Ease of data integration

Security and privacy lay at the core of our infrastructure.

  • Secure ISO/IEC 27002 – ISO 27001:2005 Certified Datacenter
  • Business continuity with geographic redundancy
  • 2048 bit SSL Encryption

Automation raises efficiency and quality.

  • Clearly defined escalation paths
  • Automated communication and notifications
  • 4-tier QA review process
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Audit trail of every claim related activity
  • Improved communication and transparency with clients

The Tower MSP Automation Suite integrates all areas of MSP compliance, conditional payment handling and,through our TowerConnect module, MSA preparation. For MSP 100% compliance and swift settlements, turn to Tower MSA Partners.

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